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Crack Head
Story by James Ulrich from New York, NY - 4/2/2007
To all fellow officers,

While processing a suspect for Robbery, I noticed the suspect who was a male Jamaican playing with one of his dreadlocks. I went into the cell with my partner, and while he held him down I cut open a matted piece of his dreads to reveal 22 small baggies of crack. Just be advised, the little pocket in his hair was big enough to hold a Derringer too. Please search your prisoners hair next time you come across any perp with dreads.

Be Safe, James Ulric...

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Story by Suzanne Comeau from San Francisco, CA - 9/22/2006

I promise you that this clothing collection is not my fault. I have to say that up front, because people get confused and think I am the genius responsible for the ketchup-colored pimp suits with the wide white stripes. The same outfit is available in zesty orange, but we’re still in the middle of unpacking and don’t expect to put it on the rack until tomorrow.

The broad-brimmed red felt hat you saw in the Vogue advertisement is not part of the collection, s...

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