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Discovering LA by Following the Clues
Story by Marty Agens from Agoura Hills, CA - 5/31/2012
We invited our Grandkids (ages 8 & 10) on a Day of Clueing. They each had to bring a bouquet of flowers & $1.25 cash. Claire had to know the impt dates in the life of Amelia Earhart & Max had to know the 20th Century Presidents & when they served.

Each had a Clue hidden @ the Metro Station by LAX. Only Claire knew whch train to get on & only Max knew where to exit. Following the clues, we visited the Inglewood Park Cemetery, discovered the gravesites of Great-Great Grandparents, foun...

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California Impressions
Story by Joe Janey from Los Angeles, USA - 3/29/2006
"The reason why people are so obsessed with image in California is because of the climate. The states natural environment for the most part is sunny. This brightness during the day makes you tend to notice your cloths more. Any dog hair for example really shows up in the bright sun."

As I travel south, I see nice people fishing along the many hundreds of lakes connected to each other. Thousands of fishing boats pulling up large quantities of Large mouth bass. Gigantic pre his...

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European Impressions of LA
Story by Fern Johnson from Brussels, Belgium, - 3/27/2003
The possibility of a visit to Los Angeles presented itself when I discovered that I could make a stopover there on my trans-Atlantic ticket at no extra cost. I immediately made a list of friends who had been to the city, and started to call around.

“LA’s not worth a detour unless you like really gay people,” my Belgian friend, Pierre, said as soon as I announced I was thinking of including it in my forthcoming North American holiday. Bachelors for different reasons, 36-year old Pier...

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Story by Patricia Ducey from Fullerton, CA - 3/26/2003
She stood off to the side of the platform like the new kid in class. She shifted in her high heels, trying vainly to balance a briefcase in one hand and plastic tote in the other while reaching in her purse. She glanced nervously up and down the rail lines. I stood with the regulars, tennis shoe clad, bags slung over our shoulders, steaming coffee warming our fingers on a crisp December morning. Rocky cradled his newspaper in one arm and perused the morning’s headlines. Barbara shoulde...
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