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He Works in Heaven (Circa 1990)
Story by Allan Thorne from Seattle, WA - 12/6/2010
The Frolic Room is
on Hollywood boulevard
it has been there a long time.
In itís youth it was
a swanky place,
a place for cocktails
before or after the theatre,
a place to meet your mistress,
a place to make a quiet deal
on a major movie,

but times change.
the movie business
isnít what it used to be.
Hollywood Boulevard
has seen better days
and the wallpaper
at the Frolic room is pealing.

The clientele has
surely gotten rougher.<...

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Story by Beth Day from West Finley, PA - 3/16/2006
Prepare me not the black-
the dark-
the still nothingness,
laments the stricken.

Prepare me the luminous
chamber which opens upon
this place called Heaven.

And what should this Heaven be to you?
whispers the friend.

Weakened from affliction, the stricken
requests a story read-
A story of the glistening snow.

Thus the friend reads-
of cool blinding whiteness
so pure the angels revel at the sight,
of branches smooth with crystal cov...

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Story by Andrew Mitchell from LA, USA - 3/23/2005
Don't talk too fast to me-slow-I wanna know
Share your philosophy before you go-I wanna know
If I knew better, I wouldn't wanna say
If I knew better, I wouldn't let the words feel this way
Cold, so cold, like I woke up on the street
But isn't that the payback for being indiscreet
If I knew better, I'd climb up on my ego like a child.
If I knew better, I'd knock down the flag
on your shoulder that's Swaying
If I knew better-I wouldn't change a thing
So don't y...

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Story by MICK TERRY from Sherman Oaks, CA - 7/8/2003
While out on a run on a great balmy day,
I had stopped by a yard sale just to see what I'd save.
As I chat with the wife, then her husband and girl,
we had much in common in our own separate worlds.

I thought we'd made inroads & I'd found some new friends.
& I told them I'd come back with some money to spend.
But that didn't happen. I got tied to the phone.
So, a couple days later, I ran by their home.

So, into the mail slot, I dropped off the...

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Story by MICK TERRY from Sherman Oaks, CA - 7/8/2003
I met her at a party that I crashed once with a friend.
She, too, was uninvited: a requirement to attend.
I canít say that we hit it off so exactly well at first.
In making good impressions, it seems I did my worst.

I stammered and I stuttered like Iíd never done before.
I stumbled over someone and I fell into the door,
just like some stupid bumpkin whoíd arrived fresh off the farm.
But in a while she starts to see Iíve got a certain charm.

When I...

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