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Hometown Heroes

saving lives
Story by Keith Robberding from Daly City, United States - 7/10/2015
I have saved the lives of at least 6 people in my life, here the story.
I was delivering milk into a liquor store and saw the street apt windows ,2nd floor, implode. I ran upstairs and found a bunch of spt dwellers standing in the hallway with the manage frantically saying that she couldn\'t get into the room because she couldn\'t open the locked from the inside door.. I had no room to move so I said, \"stand back I\'m going to break the door down\" As I did so, I cre...

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Farewell Dad -- A Son's Tribute to Ken Nelson, Longtime L.A. Commercial Artist
Story by Scott Nelson from Aliso Viejo, CA - 3/13/2006
Farewell Dad – A Son’s Tribute to Kenneth Richard Nelson, Longtime L.A. Commercial Artist
(Born April 6, 1927 – Died February 27, 2006)

You could call my dad a lot of things – and some people did – but you could never call him boring, predictable or easy. A man of contradictions, he lived his way and died his way – give or take – without much fanfare. He wanted it that way.

Born in Chicago of Danish and Irish heritage, he came from a modest, loving family with few claims t...

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