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Bebe\'s Wake Up Call
Story by Jiro Tomiyama from Los Angeles, CA - 8/8/2016
We once owned a long haired female cat named Bebe
while we lived in the South Western part of Los Angeles.
She was particularly aggressive for a female and was 
the best “mouser” we ever had. We generally kept our 
cats out of doors in the yard and Bebe was in the habit 
of dragging her catches onto the stoop of the front door
still alive and kicking. As you are probably aware, cats
often make quite a racket and like to play with their catches 
for a time before they...

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TV Bombing in LA: Leprechaun 4.
Story by LA Juice from West LA, CA - 3/18/2011
This is a story about \"My Man\" and how he tortures me.

I, of course, torture him by calling him \"my man\" and writing about him at my website. I leave it to you to decide whose more evil. But first, I give you:

\"Lance Thicke\": TV Bomber.

First, a word of explanation. If you aren’t “lucky” enough to yet be identified in my blogs and writing, hop on over to the Soap Opera Name Generator website (“SONG”) and find out what I’d be calling you i...

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National Dog Day 2007 in Malibu!!
Story by Maggie McFadyen from Seattle, CA - 5/11/2007
We're hoping that LA Stories can help us save 500 homeless dogs by featuring the 2007 National Dog Day event on August 26th in Malibu!

Jon Provost, Timmy from the original Lassie series will be the guest of honor, as well as other celebrities. We'll have a Ferris wheel,
paddle boats, swimming, water slide, doggie water park, entertainment, art auction, raffle, dog shows, film screening, vendor booths,
all you can eat and drink buffet and so much more! Shelters from Los Angel...

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Story by Beth Day from , PA - 4/9/2006
Seventeen....I know I should remember seventeen but, truely, when I gave birth to her seventeen years ago--I could barely remember seventeen!

I was thirty and she was a beautiful baby- New and perfect. So quiet...even with the trauma of coming into this world...that my first words to her were the plea, "Cry, baby!" So quiet, I thought something was amiss. "She's O.K.", the nurse assured me.

Seventeen... I'm sure at seventeen I was much like her- ready to take on the world- N...

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Happy Father's Day LA Cowboy Senior!
Story by Brady Westwater from Los Angeles (Downtown), CA - 6/19/2005
As I entered adolescence in the 1960's, a common criticism of 1950's sit-coms such as 'Leave It To Beaver', 'Ozzie and Harriet' and 'Father Knows Best' was that the they screwed up the kids of my era by presenting an unrealistic view of family life. I really didn't understand this, however, as the families in those shows did not seem all that different from my own family. It was only much later when I realized how exceptionally unexceptional my own upbringing, and my own parents, had been.<...
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Highland Park was PARADISE!
Story by Linda from Pasadena, CA - 3/15/2004
Driving home from work last Friday, traffic was brutal. I decided to drive through my old neighborhood - Highland Park. It had been at least 15 years since I'd seen old neighborhood. Made my way up Fig, passed Sycamore Park - BAM! I could still see myself playing in that park and celebrating many birthday's. I decided to drive on my old street. There was our tiny two bedroom house. The Craftsman look was now gone - covered in stucco. I sat in front of the house until a man came out an...
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