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Courage & Dreams

Story by Suzanne Comeau from San Francisco, CA - 9/21/2006

We—or they, the band—are from up north, so we have dressed ourselves mainly in black leather, black hair dye, and black Doc Martens. This epicene dress is standard fare on Haight Street, along with tribal piercings, scarification, and the word “cool.” If you ask me, “cool” died an honorable death sometime back around 1971, but in San Francisco it is still on the tips of everyone’s tongues, and it reminds me of seventh grade. Not that my haughty observation st...

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"Jumping Hurdles"
Story by Char Greenwood from Los Angeles, CA - 3/29/2005
As far back as I can remember, writing has been my "thing." It's been my therapy and number one outlet for dealing with a long list of everyday stressors. Add to that list, the countless social injustices that cause lumps to come up into your throat and tears of helplessness to swell up in your eyes. Growing up and later raising a family in some of the more "colorful" L.A. neighborhoods has often made that list quite interesting for me. In a crime infested environment, if I haven't alrea...
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A Tale of Corporate Greed & Ethics
Story by susan hawk from san mateo, USA - 11/13/2003
Burkle v. Burkle

Billionaire and philanthropist Ron Burkle has been included on all recent Fortune500 lists. Fortune estimates his worth at $1.5 billion. Mr. Burkle has made and continues to make multi million dollar gifts to Los Angeles charities and educational institutions, including UCLA, Claremont McKenna College, where he has served on the Board, and the new Disney Center.

Unfortunately, Mr. Burkle and his wife of 32 years, Janet, are currently engaged in divorce...

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Dusty's Dream
Story by Giselle Fernandez-Farrand from Los Angeles, CA - 9/2/2003
A true story of courage by Giselle Fernandez-Farrand

It's funny how life is what happens to you after you make your plans. It's a saying I have heard throughout my life from my mother. You're heading one way and all of a sudden a series of events aligns like a perfect storm and you get this strong inner gut feeling, "this is no coincidence; something greater than myself is at work here."

I'm still trying to absorb all the events of the past months, but am quite sur...

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LA Diary: Weekend at a Screenwriter's Conference
Story by Randy A. Riddle from Mebane, NC - 3/27/2003
Day One

Dear Stuart -- I got up at four this morning for the trek to the airport. It was uneventful, except for being pulled aside, once again, for the security checkpoint. I'm beginning to wonder just what kind of list I'm on. Or, maybe it's just my magnetic personality setting off the x-ray machine. For reading material on the flight, I brought along that new book about Eustace Conway, "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert.
He's the modern-day mountain-man in Boone, Nort...

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Cone Of Concussion
Story by Alan C. Baird from Glendale, CA - 3/18/2003
The ten minutes before showtime were surreal: seven of us stood between the double line of mortar tubes, lost in our own thoughts, trying not to stare at each other. Everyone was decked out in safety goggles, blast helmets and flame-retardant Nomex. After sweating all day in the hot sun, we had finally erected a fearsome arsenal of rack-mounted guns, designed to hurl fireworks shells hundreds of feet into the sky. Our audience members were safely ensconced two football fields away, sitting ...
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