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   Known for its endless
   sprawl and cultural diversity, American poet Dorothy Parker once called Los Angeles "seventy-two suburbs in search of a city." Always on the cutting-edge, Los Angeles is the nation's largest melting pot and one of the world's most beautiful and exciting places to live.

This site is dedicated to the most intriguing people on earth ... the residents of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities better known as the Southland. Each and every one of us has a unique and interesting story to tell about life in the City of Angels. Within these pages hosted by five time Emmy Award award winning journalist Giselle Fernandez, you can read the stories of other Los Angelinos or add your own to the rich tapestry of
LA Stories.com.

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Dusty's Dream
by Giselle Fernandez

  It's funny how life is what happens to you after you make your plans. It's a saying I have heard throughout my life from my mother. You're heading one way and all of a sudden a series of events aligns like a perfect storm and you get this strong inner feeling, "this is no coincidence; something greater than myself is at work here."

  I'm still trying to absorb all the events of the past months, but am quite sure about one thing; what I just went through was no accident. In fact, as bold as it may sound, I actually feel it was so very meant to be. In the innermost quiet of my soul, I do believe God or the universe or whatever force of fate you believe in, called to me, and despite my hectic and often frenetic life, I heard it and felt it deeply. It cut through all the noise. I knew it was something I needed to do. That's not to say I understood all that was happening, or where it was going, or even why it was important. I didn't. I just knew it was.

  I knew that I had met an extraordinary being who was both little boy and wise old sage all wrapped up in one little body who asked me to help fulfill a dream.   Read this story.   Watch the video.

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